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Celebrating Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week

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To celebrate Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week (9 to 13 May) we’re putting the spotlight on four networks that help make Royal Surrey a supportive and inclusive environment.

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week is a national campaign for health and care organisations, highlighting the importance of creating a fairer and more inclusive NHS for patients and staff.

Jennifer Duncan, Head of Equality Diversity and Inclusion, said: “Promoting an inclusive and supportive work culture is a key priority for Royal Surrey, which is committed to ensuring that its services and workplace are fair, accessible and meet the needs for all patients, visitors and carers in our community, as well as our workforce.”

As part of the drive to improve inclusivity within our workplace, four staff networks have been set up in the last four years. The networks include the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Network (REACH), our Disability and Wellness Network (DAWN), the Women in Leadership Network, and our LGBTQ+ Network (PRISM).

Staff Networks are an integral part of Royal Surrey’s goal to improve equality and diversity in its workplace. They offer a safe space for discussion of issues around discrimination and provide a source of support for staff facing particular challenges. Networks can also act as a powerful and collective voice to communicate issues to management and bring about change.

Jennifer said: “Our Staff Networks are a valuable resource, helping to give staff the opportunity to connect with each other. They can help to develop leadership skills, broaden our diversity, provide mentoring opportunities and address issues that matter to our colleagues.

“It is important that we celebrate our networks. They help to foster a culture of collaboration, generating and harnessing great ideas, bringing huge value to our Trust and our workforce.”


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