HeartFlow Ltd

Who are we?

HeartFlow is an application that enables clinicians to noninvasively assess Coronary Heart Disease (CAD) using data from standard coronary CT scans.  It creates a unique personalised, digital 3D model of a patient’s arteries to assess the impact arterial blockages have on blood flow.

How will patient information is used?

This information is used to provide direct care and aids the clinician in identifying CAD before patients undergo invasive procedure and determines appropriate treatment paths and assists in reducing unnecessary tests.

Which patients will take part?

Patients referred to the CT Coronary Angiography pathway will be provided with a choice to consent to take part and for their CT images (anonymised) to be transferred to the U.S. for further analysis for your care.

Security of information

HeartFlow’s commitment to RSCH and patients is embodied in policies, procedures, tools and advanced systems to manage information security.