Board members

Our Trust Board comprises non-executive and executive directors who are jointly responsible for the effective management of Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. 

Led by the Chair, our non-executive directors use their knowledge, skills and experience to help the Board formulate Trust strategies, and support and promote a healthy organisational culture. They hold the Board to account by challenging its decisions and outcomes to make sure they are satisfied that our organisation is operating with financial and operational integrity, and in the best interests of patients and the public. 

Led by the Chief Executive, the executive directors are our most senior managers and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust, including matters on strategy and operational management, as well as any issues regarding staff or patients. 

Both the non-executive directors and the executive directors regularly speak with patients and staff, listening to their views, ideas and concerns.

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Joe Mills - Director of Strategy

Joe Mills - Director of Strategy

Joe joined Royal Surrey in 2017 having been in Strategy roles in the largest community Trust in Central London for three years previously and for the independent social and health care provider, Care UK, for three years prior to that. During this time he learnt what could be achieved by linking up all elements of health and social care and the third sector around patients and he was very excited to continue this work for Guildford & Waverley by bringing the adult community services contract to Royal Surrey.

Joe’s role is to support Trust strategy development and delivery and ensure that we have partnerships with stakeholders, both public and private, which enable us to best serve our patients across the services we run. Joe has an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Cambridge University and is married with three young children.