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Cancer Charities - Martin Davies

Cancer Charities - Martin Davies

I was elected Charities Governor in May 2023 and am a volunteer at The Prostate Project, which put me forward for the governor role. I have lived in Guildford since 1997. I was born in Stockport, Cheshire in 1954, was educated at a local county grammar school, and then read PPE at Oxford University. My work career, from 1976 to 2014, was in international financial markets both directly (1976 – 1997) and as a service provider in executive search (1998 – 2014). I am married to a retired Professor of Nursing and have one son with his own family who all live overseas.

I read extensively, both fiction and history, walk and cycle as weather permits, like to visit my overseas family, and am an active member of The County Club, Guildford.

After my own prostate cancer experience and loss of a friend to the disease in early 2023, I decided to volunteer for The Prostate Project to raise awareness among men of all backgrounds in testing for the disease and to contribute to the work of the NHS at RSCH Guildford, which has so expertly treated me.


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