Women and Children finalists

Nana Walsh, Maternity Support Worker, Maternity

Tailored support for vulnerable mums

As a maternity support worker, Nana has an outstanding gift for empathy.  She is able to understand the individual needs of mothers and babies and provide tailored care.  This is especially important for mothers who are suffering from mental health issues.

The exceptional care she gave to two mothers suffering from serious mental illness earlier this year makes her a very deserving candidate for a Star Award.  In one case, Nana had to support a mother who was going into psychosis and who became verbally hostile and physically demanding.  When a situation occurred which put the baby in a life threatening situation, Nana’s composed and non-judgmental attitude was completely responsible for a safe outcome for the baby.

Nana’s approach to this very challenging incident, and others like it, helps to promote the dignity of patients and the team’s professional reputation. She is a great role model for team members who have learned a huge amount from her.


Nigel Thorpe, Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse

A shining star for sick children

Nigel is the “backbone” of the Children’s Diabetes service.  He is one of the kindest and most caring nurses I have ever met and if I was a child with diabetes I would hope I would be under Nigel’s care!

He is expert at sensitively imparting knowledge to children and their families and his consultant colleagues regularly contact him for expert advice.  In the days immediately after diagnosis, he provides very close support to children and is always there for them and their parents. He also provides support to families out of hours.

During the last 2 years Nigel has managed the case load of 140 children whilst undertaking his advanced assessment skills course/prescribing course and mentoring another paediatric nurse to becoming a valuable member of the team.

Nothing is too much trouble for Nigel and the feedback about him always says what an amazing nurse he is.   Our service is equal to any tertiary unit. Out of all the staff nominated from our department, Nigel is absolutely the most deserving!


Jane James, Matron Paediatrics

A living legend

For 20 years, Jane has been an inspirational figure in paediatric care in the Royal Surrey County Hospital.  A teacher and a leader, she has acted as a figurehead ensuring that the paediatric service is effectively represented within the trust.

Since she joined the hospital in 1998, Jane has continually guided her service to success and development opportunities.  She was instrumental in the fundraising and development of Hascombe Ward and her strong clinical leadership has resulted in Hascombe becoming the first ‘exemplar’ level area in the Royal Surrey. She has also led the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU earning the highest single assessment score in the hospital.

Jane is an amazing leader, advocate, and nurse for paediatrics. She always takes time to listen to patients, parents, carers and staff and advocates patient stories and experiences in how we deliver our services. She is always thinking about ‘what next?’

When Jane retires in December, she will leave a tremendous legacy of clinical legacy and innovative leadership for paediatric care.

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