Chair Sue Sjuve receiving the gifts from Alisha, seven.

A seven-year-old girl who feared Santa would not find the children in hospital over Christmas has raised money by cutting off her hair in order to buy them presents.

Little Alisha Dodson from Woking, Surrey, raised £550 to purchase presents for the children who will be spending December 25 at Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

The generous primary school pupil decided to cut off 13 inches of her hair to raise money to buy the gifts after becoming concerned that Father Christmas may forget to deliver presents to those children in hospital over the holidays.

Alisha, who is a pupil at Westfield Primary School, was joined by her mother, Zelma, and sister, Kasey, 10, to drop off eight sacks and two large boxes bursting with gifts at the hospital.

Alisha said: “One afternoon I started to write my Christmas list and I was thinking really hard about what it was I would like.

“I came up with three things I would like and then asked my Mummy if any other presents could go to the children in hospital.

Alisha meeting Hascombe Ward Sister, Clare.

“As Father Christmas is so busy, he might not know the children are there.

“My Mummy suggested that I raise the money to buy the toys and then take them to the hospital, which I thought was a great idea.”

Alisha who had been growing her honey coloured locks for the past two years decided to raise money to buy the presents by cutting 13 inches off her hair.

The generous youngster then donated the hair to a charity that makes wigs for sick children.

Alisha said:  “I saw a clip of a little girl that had no hair and Mummy explained to me that some children are sick and this can make them lose their hair.

“After hearing this I said to my Mummy, ‘I have long hair, can I give them some of mine?”

Proud mother, Zelma, said: “I well up just talking about what Alisha has decided to do this Christmas.

“The really lovely thing is that she thinks what she has done is completely normal and what any other child would do.

“She loved coming to the hospital and said she felt like Mrs Christmas.”

Sue Sjuve, Royal Surrey Chair, said: “No child would choose to spend Christmas in hospital, however some of our patients will just be too unwell to go home.


“Our staff work tirelessly to make the holidays a special and happy time for these patients and Alisha’s big hearted gesture will ensure that no child will miss out on the magic of Christmas.

“Alisha’s kindness has really touched everyone here at Royal Surrey and behalf of everyone at the Trust’s I would like to extend our thanks and wish her and her family a very merry Christmas.”



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