Once you reach us on Level G, there is a secure entry system; press the buzzer and wait to be admitted. This is to ensure the safety of newborn babies. Please don't allow anyone who is not in your group to enter unless permitted by the reception staff. 

Visiting times for partners

Delivery Suite - 24 hours, birthing partner only. 

Antenatal/Postnatal Wards - There is open visiting on the antenatal and postnatal wards for partners only. We operate a protected meal time between 12pm-1pm; other visitors will be asked to avoid visiting during this time. 

Visiting times for all other visitors

Antenatal (St Catherine's) Ward - 10am-12pm and 3pm-8pm.

Postnatal (Shere) Ward - 3pm-8pm. Due to limited space and to maintain the comfort of the mother and her new born baby we respectfully ask that there are only two visitors at a time, per bedside. 

Children - Siblings are the only children under 12 we allow on the wards. Other children must be over 12 years.

Responsibility cannot be taken for the loss of any valuable items, money or personal items brought into hospital. It's therefore requested that valuables be kept at/or taken home. Following the birth of a baby, we understand that relatives and friends are keen to visit, but it is important to have time to adjust to being a parent and also to have rest and support in the first few days, as well as to establish feeding and to feel confident to take your baby home. These visiting hours allow time for more Parentcraft, Breastfeeding Support and to maintain standards on the wards in relation to cleanliness and reduction of cross-infection.

It is requested that persons with coughs, colds or anyone who has been in contact directly or indirectly with infectious diseases, should not visit the department because of the risk of cross infection. 

Please do not visit if you are unwell and for 48 hours after diarrhea or vomiting.

Hand hygiene gel is available at the entrance to each ward and ward bay. Please take care to supervise children at all times to avoid splashing into the face. 

Mobile phones must be kept on silent. Visitors are not permitted to use mobiles phones on the Maternity Unit and will be asked to put them away. This is for the safety, security and privacy of our mums and babies.

Shere Ward Visitors

We welcome visitors and families to meet the new baby but please be mindful that birth is a tiring process and everyone needs their rest. For this reason visiting hours and numbers of visitors are strictly enforced. Keep visits short and meaningful and be mindful of other mums by keeping noise down in the bays. 

Only two visitors per bed space at any one time. Siblings are the only children under 12 we allow on the ward.

Partners and siblings are welcome to visit from 9am-9pm, though partners are welcome to stay overnight.

Open visiting is welcome from 3pm-8pm.