Specifically, we are looking to find out the following:

1. Does your trust have a contracts or framework agreements in place with external providers for either or both of these services? Bouygues UK have the contract for full M&E services at the RSCH. Within this contract Bouygues UK have the responsibility for air monitoring and asbestos management with the provision of RP’s and AP’s. There is an asbestos register which is managed by Bouygues, asbestos testing is completed on an ad-hoc basis when needed / requested. Bouygues have an annual maintenance agreement with a specialist air monitoring company for testing and validation of ventilation systems on an annual basis.

2. If so, when are the contracts due for renewal? Bouygues contract has a break clause in July 2018 which can be exercised or there is an option to extend by three years to 2021. Bouygues employ their specialist contractors which these will fall under on an annual basis.

3. Who are your current contractors/providers? For air monitoring and Validation Bouygues use Camfill. For Asbestos reporting and testing Bouygues use Fleet insulation company Ltd

4. What is the annual value of the contracts? Asbestos is on an ad-hoc basis so annual spend varies. The contract with Camfill is 10,800:00 annually

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