1. What are the current unfilled vacancies for all medical and dental grades and specialities at your trust, please break down by grade and specialty?

Cardiology 1 x StR
Geriatrics 0.7 x StR
Neurology 1 x Consultant
Gastroenterology 0.4 x Consultant
A&E 3.9 x StR

1 x GPStR

2.3 x Specialty Doctor

1.4  x Consultant

Oncology 1 x SHO

1.8 x GPST

0.8 StR

Brachytherapy 2 x Clinical Fellows
Radiology 3 x Consultant
Gynae Oncology 1 x Clinical Fellow
Obs & Gynae 1 x Specialty Doctor

3 x StR

Anaesthetics 1 x ACCS

1 x Consultant

3.7 x Clinical Fellows

1 x StR

ICU 1.7 x Consultant

3 x StR

ENT 1 x Specialty Doctor

1 x SHO

Ophthalmology 1 x Specialty Doctor

1 x Consultant

General Surgery 2 x Consultant

3 x SHO

Breast 1 x Consultant
MATTU 1 x Clinical Fellow
Urology 1 x F2


2. Please provide a list of all vacancies that have remained unfilled over the last 6 months for dental and medical and for all grades and specialities, please break down by grade and specialty. This information is not held.


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