1. Please tell me the total sum paid in expenses to the trust’s board of directors in each of the previous five financial years a) 2010/11 b) 2011/12 c) 2012/13 d) 2013/14 e) 2014/15 and also f) 2015/16 year to date.  Please note that the above information is published in the Annual Report and Quality Accounts on the Trust website as below and, therefore, Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act pertains since this information is reasonably accessible by other means.



2. Please provide me with a breakdown of expenses claimed by each individual member of the board for each of these financial years, giving me details of each individual claim, including the amount and what the money was for.  To obtain this information for each individual member of the Trust board would necessitate a highly complex and lengthy exercise to establish this amount of information over the requisite time period and, therefore, the cost of compliance would exceed the appropriate limit under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.


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