Surgery finalists

Clandon Ward

Team work at its best

Team work is everything for the staff working on Clandon Ward. Over the last year, everyone has pulled out all the stops to ensure that vacant shifts have been covered internally. It’s been a challenging time because of increasing vacancies but the team’s can-do, flexible attitude to doing extra shifts has ensured that the ward is covered safely and colleagues are not left short-staffed.

The team are truly excellent and work so well together. They have a friendly, supportive and enthusiastic attitude and will always go the extra mile for patients and staff alike.  It’s a team of whom we should all be proud!


Rachael Cook, Junior Sister, Compton Ward

A perfect patient advocate

Competent, compassionate and the consummate multi-tasker, Rachael is a perfect role model for a Junior Sister.

She handles each in-charge-shift with ease and makes everything seem effortless despite Compton being such a busy ward. Her many years of experience show through in the calm and supportive way in which she handles complicated issues on the ward.

No matter how busy the ward is, Rachael shows compassion and makes sure that staff are recognised for their hard work. She always has time to answer queries from patients and their families and acts as a wonderful advocate for our patients without jeopardising her relationship with the staff.

At the end of the day, the support that a senior gives to her colleagues, or an in-charge matters most. Rachael is vital role in ensuring that all of us on Compton ward deliver high quality care and perform our roles to the best of our ability without getting burnt out.


Theatre Gynae & Urology Scrub Team, Theatres

Working under pressure

Facing regular 13 hour shifts, the Theatre Gynaecology and Urology scrub team has demonstrated an intense commitment to delivering outstanding care to cancer patients during a time of staff shortages.

It is common for the scrub team to be at the operating table for 10 hours a day. The multi-faceted nature of the team’s work means they are having to liaise with diverse teams across the hospital including different surgical specialities, pathology specialists and doctors of every level of training.

The whole team works under intense pressure of time without ever losing any of their enthusiasm or passion for caring. Often the demands of their role, involve team members arriving hours before the beginning of their shifts and staying many hours later than scheduled in order to ensure that planned surgery goes ahead and operations are not cancelled.  Their compassionate and enthusiastic attitude ensures outstanding care for cancer patients.

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