Support Services finalists


Raymondo Castro, Cleaner Facilities

Raymondo makes our day!

Some people just have a gift for brightening your day and putting a spring in your step:  Raymondo is one of those people.

Like many of the Royal Surrey’s unsung heroes, he puts his heart and soul into his work but it’s also his incredibly friendly and upbeat manner that makes him such a well-loved and valuable member of the Royal Surrey team.

Every day, he goes out of his way to greet you as you come up the stairs of the maternity block.  What a wonderful person to be meeting our patients and their visitors. He really should have a job on the welcome desk as he brightens up everybody’s day.

Raymondo always appears happy in his work as he helps to keep the hospital spotlessly clean and is humming or whistling while he works.  He is always thorough and reliable and somehow manages to have a different greeting for you every day.

Thank you Raymondo for spreading a little happiness!


Merides Paris, Medirest

A clean sweep

Merides is a well-loved and popular member of the Royal Surrey team. Her hard work helps to keep our department looking spick and span. Her cheerful manner also makes a great contribution to the morale of staff and the well-being of patients.

We should never underestimate the impact of our cleaners. Clean and tidy departments are vital in building patient confidence and play a huge role in boosting the wider public perception of the NHS.

Merides takes her role very seriously and ensures she visits all the offices in our department, even if it means coming back at a later time. When any emergency requests arise, she is always read to step up at short notice.  She was the cleaner for the Management Corridor for a long time and is always very helpful and efficient and has a very cheery way, always with a smile.

Nothing is too much trouble for Merides and she always conducts her role in a very happy and friendly manner.


Robert Clark, porter – portering service

Unsung hero

No hospital can function effectively without hard working and effective porters like Robert. Visiting hospital can be a stressful and worrying experience for many patients and Robert seems to have a sixth sense for when someone needs a friendly word or some special assistance.

Porters have a heavy workload and are always busy, especially on the emergency floor where Robert works.  Despite the pressure, he always seems to find the time to help patients who are lost or confused. He has a kind and caring manner and regularly goes far beyond the expectations of his role to enhance the patient experience.

Always helpful and willing, Robert continually looks to go the extra mile to support staff and patients. On numerous occasions when A+E and EAU are busy, Robert will help wash and make trolleys to help keep everything flowing smoothly.

Conscientious and polite to all he meets, Robert is a tremendous asset and credit to the Royal Surrey.

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