Research, development and innovation

Dr Nadine Collins smiling at the camera

Studies and trials

Research enables us to learn more about disease, improve the quality of our patient care and develop better treatments. But these important projects can only go ahead with the support of research participants. These volunteers often have a known health-condition but some projects rely upon healthy members of the public to take part.

We run research trials in the following areas:

Chemotherapy                                Cardiology

Clinical haematology                     Diabetes and endocrinology

Clinical oncology                           Emergency medicine

Medical oncology                          Gastroenterology

Medical physics                             Hepatology

Nuclear medicine                           Rheumatology

Radiotherapy                                  General surgery

Brachytherapy                                Intensive care

Theatres                                          Trauma and orthopaedics

Ophthalmology                               ENT

Anaesthetics                                   Bowel cancer screening

Audiology                                        Gynaecological oncology


We are involved with different types of health research studies:

Clinical trials. These investigate a drug, surgery or medical device in healthy volunteers or people who have a specific disease.

Genetic studies. These aim to find the role of genes in different diseases.

Behavioural studies. These test how people act in different ways.

Observational studies. This is where a group of people is observed (sometimes for many years).

Physiological studies. These aim to better understand how the human body functions.

Prevention studies. These test ways to prevent specific conditions or diseases.

Public health research. This type of research aims to improve the health and well-being of people from a population-level perspective.

If you'd like to take part in a research project please contact us for more information 01483 688 660 or