Meet the team

You may not realise it, but a lot of people are involved in your care.  We are all working to ensure that you receive the most accurate, efficient and supportive treatment possible.

The Administration Team

After a patient has been referred for radiotherapy, the administration team are responsible for booking all necessary appointments, and will try to  accommodate as many of your requests as possible.

Theirs are the first faces you will see when you enter St Luke’s, and every patient is greeted with a smile and a kind word.

They manage all appointment changes or transport problems that you may encounter once you start treatment.

They get everything ready for the doctors meetings to ensure you have the best care possible.

They process all the discharge information to make sure you receive your  follow up appointments.

They are always available to help.

The Pre-Treatment Team

The Pre-treatment team are the first group of clinical staff you will meet when you attend for radiotherapy planning.  They want you have as positive an experience of radiotherapy as possible, so they will spend time explaining the procedures and answering your questions before they start.

Radiotherapy can be given to any area of the body, so to help you remain comfortable and still during your treatment, they use a variety of equipment.  Whatever the procedure that is requested for you, they will guide and support you so that your scan is the best it can be, which means the radiotherapy plan created from it is unique to you.

The Planning Team

Radiotherapy planners make sure that the area we want to treat receives the prescribed dose of radiation while normal body tissues get as little as possible. The area of your body exposed to radiation is called the radiotherapy field. Planning radiographers apply multiple radiation fields using the latest technology such as IMRT and VMAT to deliver the required dose of radiation. This is done with computer modelling of the dose on each individual patient’s planning CT scan.

The Treatment Team

The treatment radiographers deliver your radiotherapy. They are highly skilled and ensure that your treatment is safe and accurate by reviewing all your individual treatment information on a daily basis.  They will talk through your treatment with you and answer any questions you have.  The treatment radiographer works closely with other teams, doctors and nurses to ensure that you have the best care and support possible.

The Review Team

The review team are specially trained radiographers who are here to support you throughout your treatment.  This may be as simple as having a chat or offering advice or guidance if you have a specific problem.

They run specialist review clinics alongside the doctors and nurses, that are aimed at monitoring and managing any side effects that you may have, and you will be invited to attend one of these each week during your treatment.  They can also take blood and manage any dressing you may require.

They will organise any referrals you may need and liaise with your GP if required to ensure you have the best care we can provide.

The Research Team

The Radiation Oncology research team play a vital role in ensuring clinical research studies run smoothly and adhere to the strict protocols.  We make sure that all participants are safe and fully informed.  Radiotherapy trials are carried out to find new and better interventions, diagnostic tools, prevention procedures and treatments using radiotherapy or radiotherapy in combination with other treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.

Carrying out clinical trials is the only evidence-based method of deciding whether a new approach to treatment or care is better than the current standard.  Findings from these trials can aid in the development of new and effective treatments, which can help ensure we continue to deliver the highest standard of patient care here at the RSCH.

Our friendly team has a thorough understanding of the research process and terminology, along with in-depth knowledge of planning and delivery of radiotherapy treatment. They also play a key role as patient advocates, ensuring patients’ safety and protection and support throughout the research study.

The Clinical Governance Team

Clinical governance is a framework through which NHS organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care, by creating an environment in which clinical excellence will flourish” (DH 2009)

Radiotherapy departments are required to have accreditation from an external source to demonstrate patient safety, quality management, excellent practice and continuous improvement.

The team monitor and report our cancer wait times, and lead the Multi-disciplinary team on improving our pathways to improve waiting times.

They manage the process of producing and reviewing department protocols to ensure all staff are following the same procedures which are based on local and national best practice recommendations.

They ensure there is a programme of continuous quality improvement using audit, and ensure all staff training is current.

The team leads on health and safety within the department for both staff and patients including risk assessments, and works with the Trust and the wider radiotherapy community to respond to and learn from complaints and incidents.

The Students

As a teaching hospital, student radiographers are present throughout the year, and are placed in all areas within the department to develop their skills.  They will take an active role in your journey through the radiotherapy department with careful mentoring from the radiographers.


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