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Meet our oncology dietitians

The Macmillan Head and Neck Dietitians:  Louise Chambers, Laura Pearce, Liz Price and Samantha Shafford. We work closely with our colleagues in the MARS team Claire Hanika and Nicola Porter.

What do we do?: We provide nutritional support to all patients with a Head and Neck Cancer diagnosis. This includes surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, chemoradiotherapy and palliative care.  Once treatment and care is completed at the centre we ask our colleagues in the MARS team to provide ongoing care at consultant led clinics closer to the patient’s home.

How to contact us?: We can be contacted by 01483 464119 or email

Macmillan Aftercare Rehabilitation Services (MARS) Dietitians: Claire Hanika & Nicola Porter, Specialist Head and Neck Oncology Dietitians

What do we do?: We are based at RSCH working across Head & Neck Cancer outreach clinics located at Ashford, St Peters, East Surrrey, Frimley Park and Basingstoke Hospitals.

How to contact us?: Directly by email:

Indirectly via the MARS Care Co-ordinator on 01483 408379, email:

Messages can also be left with the RSCH Department of Nutrition and Dietetics on 01483 464119.

Macmillan Haemato-Oncology Dietitian & Dietetic service to the Teenage Oncology Shared Care Unit: Susan Hendry

What do I do?: I provide nutrition expertise to patients and staff on the nutritional care of adult patients with a diagnosis of leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma and 16-19 year old patients with any type of cancer diagnosis

How to contact me? By email  or telephone via the Nutrition and Dietetic Department 01483 464119 or bleep 71 4479

These diet sheets may be of interest to you: Neutropenic diet guidelines for adult inpatients

Oesophago-Gastric Dietitians: Fiona Huddy, Rosie Hill, Alice Kidd

What do we do?: We support people with oesophagus (gullet) and stomach cancers by assessing and advising on diet and nutrition. We see people undergoing surgery and those receiving oncology treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We work closely with the specialist nurses, oncologists and surgeons to manage people’s care.

How to contact us?: You can contact us via the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics on 01483 464119.

General Oncology Dietetic Dietitians: Lindsey Allan, Tanya Klopper, Adele Hug & Alice Extance

What do we do?: We manage the nutritional care of all patients that do not have a Head & Neck, oesophagus, stomach or haemato-oncology cancer in an open access service in St Luke’s Cancer Centre. Any healthcare professional in the centre can refer to us and we also accept self-referrals from patients. We aim to see patients at the same time as their clinic appointments to eliminate the need for them to attend at other times. We play an integral role in successful treatment delivery and recovery by recognising malnutrition, managing gastro-intestinal complications and maintaining nutritional adequacy through dietetic counselling.  The team will aim to address and correct nutrition issues as much as possible during treatment, and we provide advice on managing the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapies.

How to contact us?: If you would like to self-refer to the dietitian then please call the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics on 01483 464119, or email us at

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