X Ray

Where is x-ray?

The main area is located in the Radiology Department on Level B, however x-rays are also carried out in A+E, St. Luke’s Cancer Centre (Level A) and in the Maxillo-Facial department (Level B)

What are plain film x-rays?

Plain film x-rays (or radiographs) are the most common examination our department undertakes. Your GP or doctor at the hospital will request an x-ray to be taken of a specific part of the body, and you will visit the radiology department to have this taken.

How long will the x-ray examination take?

Most x-ray examinations on average take10-15 minutes although this is dependant on body part, and number of x-rays requested.

Do I need to prepare for the examination?

Depending on the body part being imaged, you may have to change into a hospital gown, or remove jewellery. .

When will I get the result?

Your results will be sent to the doctor who referred you for the x-ray and you will either receive them at your next appointment with that doctor, or, if you have come from your GP, the results will be sent to them within 7-10 days.

Procedures Performed

Radiographers perform a wide variety of examinations across the department including images taken in A+E, follow-up films for fracture clinic, x-rays for outpatients, GP referred x-rays and dental x-rays. Depending on the type of examination required will depend on where you will be asked to go to have it carried out.

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