Insomnia clinic

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep?

Do you find yourself awake in the night and struggling to return to sleep?

Do you dread going to bed or worry about your sleep?

Is poor sleep affecting your mood or quality of life?

Insomnia is often distressing and debilitating. Despite the huge impact lack of sleep has on our lives, many people suffer for years and years, assuming there is no treatment other than drugs. This is not the case.

We use a tried and tested approach called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). This treatment is the most effective intervention for insomnia and helps people even when they have had sleep problems for many years or when they have other health issues.

If you have difficulty sleeping, you will probably be aware that there is a link between what you think, feel and do – and how you sleep. You may even notice that in the evening you feel sleepy, but when you get into bed you wake up. CBT-I treatment addresses all of these factors and others, in order to help you sleep better and at the right time.

Treatment involves a series of one to one sessions over a period of weeks. We do not prescribe drugs although we are happy to accept you if you are already taking sleeping pills.

If you have concerns about difficulty sleeping, then please ask your GP to refer you to:

Insomnia Clinic:

Sleep Office
Royal Surrey County Hospital
Egerton Road

Tel 01483 571122 Ext. 2662

Please call us if you would like to discuss any referral on the number above.

Health professionals

Information about the Insomnia Clinic for health professionals, click here.

Printable poster about the Insomnia Clinic for use on display boards, click here.


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