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UltrasoundAll patients attending the department for an Ultrasound scan will have received a copy of the Ultrasound information leaflet with their appointment letter. This can also be found at the bottom of the page or in the PILS link from the front page. This is a generic leaflet. For more specialised Ultrasound examinations, there are more detailed leaflets. These can be found in the PILS link from the front page.

Where is the Ultrasound department?

The Ultrasound department is located in Radiology on level B of the hospital. You will be required to book in at front reception (although if your scan is after 17:00 or at the weekend, there will be signage for you to follow).

You will then be directed to the waiting area where an RDA, HCA or a sonographer will come out to you. You are invited to take a seat whilst you wait.

For Ante-natal Ultrasound, you will need to attend the Ante-natal clinic which is also on level B.

We also provide Ultrasound services at Cranleigh Village Hospital and Haslemere Hospital. Your appointment letter will indicate where your scan will take place.

What do we do?

We perform a wide variety of diagnostic examinations and provide Ultrasound imaging for all wards, departments, outpatient clinics and GP referrals. Our specialist team is committed to delivering a high level of patient care. Our clinical staff consists of Radiologists, Sonographers, and clinical support staff (RDAs and HCAs).

Our specialist imaging services include:

  • Abdominal scans
  • Renal scans
  • Pelvic scans (Transvaginal internal and Transabdominal)
  • Musculoskeletal Scans (MSK)
  • Paediatric scans
  • Carotid and DVT vascular scans
  • Thyroid/Neck scans
  • Testes scans
  • Interventional ultrasound scans

How should I prepare for an Ultrasound?

Some ultrasound examinations may require you to fast for a period before your scan or to have a full bladder. Your appointment letter or information leaflet will tell you what preparation is required.  Please check your letter to find out which hospital your scan is being performed in and what your specific preparation instructions are.

Asking for your consent

We want to involve you in all the decisions about your care and treatment. If you decide to go ahead with the Ultrasound scan, by law we must ask you to verbally consent to the test. This confirms that you agree to have the procedure and understand what it involves. The doctor that referred you for the Ultrasound scan will explain the risks, benefits and any alternative tests. If you are unsure about any aspect of your Ultrasound scan, please do not hesitate to speak to either your doctor, or the sonographer carrying out the scan.

What happens during the Ultrasound scan?

Our ultrasound rooms are dimly lit to reduce the amount of ‘glare’ on our ultrasound monitors.

You may be asked to either sit on the examination couch or lie either on your back or stomach depending on the area of to be scanned. Ultrasound gel will be put on your skin over the area to be scanned. This allows the probe to slide easily and helps to produce clearer pictures.

The Sonographer or Radiologist will slowly move the probe over your skin while viewing the images on the screen. Records of selected images will be made which can be viewed later. You may be asked to hold your breath at times or to change position. You may be asked to move the limb being examined or the Radiologist/Sonographer may move it for you to evaluate the anatomy.

Occasionally, there may be a need to press quite firmly in the region where you may be having pain. This will be brief but is necessary in helping arrive at a diagnosis.

After the scan the gel can be wiped off and you will be able to get dressed.

How will I get my results?

You will receive the results at your next appointment with your consultant/clinician. If you do not have one already booked, advise the patient that their consultant or a member of their team will arrange an appointment with them. The practitioner performing the procedure may give you a brief outline as to how the procedure has gone, however a formal report will always be made and sent to the referring clinician.

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