CT Colonography (CTC)

All patients that have been referred for a CT Colonography or Virtual Colonoscopy will receive copies of our CT Colonography information leaflet, and our Bowel Preparation information leaflet when they receive their appointment letter. These may also be found at the bottom of this page or in the PILS link on the front page.

Before the scan

You will be referred for this test by one of the clinicians in the hospital; they will send a request to the CT bookings clerk who will send out an appointment for you. There may be scope to change this appointment time if it does not suit you.

You will be required to take some bowel preparation prior to the scan. The clinician will prescribe this and will either give you the prescription directly to collect from the hospital pharmacy or it will be attached to your CT request. The CT bookings clerk will collect the prescription from the hospital pharmacy and you will need to collect from them; when you are informed of your appointment, you will be told where to collect your preparation from.

Please read the bowel preparation leaflet and follow the instructions for the bowel preparation and diet as doing so will give the biggest potential for a diagnostic scan.

At your appointment

On arrival at the Radiology department, you will book in at reception and be sent to the waiting area. Either a volunteer will greet you or a radiographer will come out to see you. They will get you changed for your scan. This will involve removing all of your clothes and putting on a pair of special shorts, and two hospital gowns.

Once in the scanning room, one of the radiographers will explain the procedure to you and ask you questions about your suitability to be given two injections. One is a muscle relaxant called Buscopan®; the other is an Iodine based contrast dye.

Your scan will be performed by either a Radiologist or a CTC Radiographer.

Further details of the scan may be found in the information leaflet.

After the scan

You will be kept in the department for a short period of time following your scan to ensure that you are feeling OK before going home. In this time we will give you some reading material and a hot drink.

The results of the scan will not be available to you on the day; the scan will be reported by a radiologist and sent to the referring clinician that requested the scan. They will be in contact with you in due course to give you an appointment for the results.

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