Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Respiratory Outpatients

To provide assessment and treatment of long term respiratory patients.  To work as part of an integrated respiratory team to provide correct services delivered in the correct place for patients. To empower patients to effectively manage their long term condition.

Rehabilitation and Oxygen services

The team provides pulmonary rehabilitation within the acute trust and across 5 community sites in Surrey aiming to make services more accessible to patients.  The team also offers domiciliary in put to patients for rehabilitation as well as working with the respiratory nursing team in assisting with post discharge rehab and preventing admissions work of long term respiratory patients. The service also covers oxygen assessment provision and review.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is appropriate for patients who are functionally limited through symptoms of their lung disease. They may be having difficulty with everyday tasks or be having difficulty with a physical job due to their breathlessness. Pulmonary Rehab champions self management and gives individuals the tools to better manage their lung disease.

Patients who attend pulmonary rehab may have COPD, chronic Asthma, Bronchietasis or they may come before or after lung surgery.

Respiratory Outpatients Services

Providing assessment and treatment of patients with dysfunctional breathing patterns, hyperventilation syndrome and airways clearance problems.

These patients are taught correct breathing techniques and how to keep their chest as clear as possible. They attend out patients clinics at the Royal Surrey

Our Team

The team consists of senior physiotherapists, technical instructors and fitness professionals, who have specialist skills in respiratory rehabilitation. Team members also work in an integrated way with the specialist nursing and occupational therapy colleges to provide the most appropriate intervention to individuals.

We work with the respiratory physicians at the Royal Surrey Hospital who provides specialist care to patients with any lung conditions.

Patients attend the physiotherapy department or may attend a class that we run in one of the local community hospitals or leisure centres.


National Health and Social Care Award for the Management of Long term conditions

NHS innovations award 2006 – South East

External Links

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