Antenatal physiotherapy classes

Physical Preparation for Childbirth Classes

The Women’s Health specialist Physiotherapy Team at the Royal Surrey offer 3 childbirth preparation classes*, focusing on managing the physical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth in a relaxed & friendly environment.

Class 1 – Great Expectations: staying fit, preventing pain in pregnancy (suitable from 12 weeks) – Learn ways to minimise discomfort during your pregnancy.  We cover posture, back care, core stability, pelvic floor exercises and exercises during your pregnancy.

Class 2 – Labour Stage 1: optimising your experience (suitable from 32 weeks) –Understand how labour positions, breathing techniques, relaxation, massage and TENS can ease your labour.

Class 3 – Labour Stage 2: delivery and beyond (suitable from 32 weeks) – Learn positions for the second stage of labour; coordinating breathing and pushing, instrumental deliveries and caesarean section.  Understand postnatal recovery including returning to usual activities and exercise.  We also advise on perineal massage.

*Please note that all classes are free and last for approximately 2 hours, including a short break.

For a full list of dates and booking information for our upcoming antenatal classes for 2019 please click here.

For more details and information please call the Physiotherapy Department on: 01483 464153.

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