• provides a diagnostic service to aid in the diagnosis of a wide range of neurological conditions.
  • low waiting time for tests for both Adult and Paediatric Outpatients and Inpatients.
  • dedicated professional team comprising Consultant and Clinical Physiologists.

Neurophysiology is a medical speciality studying disorders of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System. 

A variety of tests are performed to investigate how the brain and nervous system are functioning.  These include:

EEG (Electroencephalopathy) – Study of the electrical activity of the brain.

Nerve Conduction Studies – Study of the electrical activity of the nerves.

EMG (Electromyogram) – Study of the electrical activity of the muscles.

EP (Evoked Potentials) – Studies of the brain’s response to stimulation of the sensory pathways.

Neurophysiology is an allied speciality of Neurology but provides a service to a variety of referring specialities, including Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology, and GPs.

Key Personnel

Royal Surrey Neurophysiology Team

Consultant Neurophysiologist Dr Michael Sheehy

Head of Neurophysiology Sharon Boxall

Senior Clinical Physiologists  Anita Pheby & Elaine Glasspool

Contact Information

Sharon Boxall: Tel 01483 464128

Secretaries: Tel 01483 464128

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