Intensive care

The Critical Care Unit is a 27 bedded unit with the funded capacity to take up to the equivalent of 14 level three (Intensive Care Society definition) patients. The beds are flexed between Level three and Level two according to patient need. The nursing level is adjusted according to the patient’s level of care.

There are seven isolation rooms and four of these are state of the art isolation rooms. These were built as part of the unit expansion which completed in March 2014.

During the last financial year (2016/17) we cared for approximately 1,400 patients. The case mix is made up of elective surgery, emergency surgical and emergency medical admissions. The Trust is a tertiary referral centre for patients requiring Hepatobiliary, Upper Gastrointestinal surgery, ENT, Facial Maxillary surgery, Urology and Gynaecological oncology surgery.

Evidenced based surgical pathways are used to guide the care of many of our elective surgical patients.

Every day from 08:00hrs until 22:30hrs there is a consultant in Intensive Care available on the unit. Out of hours there is a consultant in Intensive Care on call and available to attend, when required, who will have reviewed the patients during the day. These consultants are supported by a team of specialist registrars and junior doctors and the patients are attended to directly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The medical team is led by Dr. Amish Patel, the Clinical Director for Critical Care.

There is a strong and experienced team of nurses caring for the patients at the bedside. These nurses are led by Matron Sue Herson, a highly experienced critical care nurse.

There is a Critical Care outreach service seven days a week (currently 08:00 – midnight). These highly experienced critical care nurses support and advise the nurses and medical staff on the wards to look after patients who have stepped down from the intensive care or who are acutely unwell.

The Intensive Care patients also have the valuable input of dedicated specialist respiratory physiotherapists, dieticians and pharmacists who work closely with the doctors and nurses aiming to provide the best care possible.

There is a Surrey-wide collaborative research team based in the Intensive Care with active research looking to understand and improve the future treatment of patients by involving them where possible in observational and therapeutic trials. The work undertaken here is showcased nationally and internationally.

The team are patient centred, motivated, dynamic and innovative. All the staff have specialist interests centred around intensive care, many are involved in audit, academic poster presentations, academic journal publications and lecturing.

We hold regular Follow Up clinics for patients that have been discharged from ICU and require ongoing physical or psychological support.

We currently have, to our knowledge, the first unit based rehabilitation gym, in the UK.

Visiting times for all patients are from 14:00hrs until 19:00hrs.

Visiting outside of these times is possible but must be agreed with the Sister in charge of that specific shift. There are ward rounds, care and therapies carried out throughout the day but mornings are much busier. We do not allow children under the age of 12 to visit.

We value and respect the opinions of our patients and their loved ones and welcome feedback about the service we provide.

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