Infection prevention

Infection Prevention and Control is a top priority at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and all staff are committed to reducing infection rates.  We have made huge progress in the past few years and have seen significant reductions in our rates of both MRSA bacteraemia (blood stream infection) andClostridium difficile cases.

The risk of getting an infection whilst in hospital is low, but this does not mean there is room for complacency. Our Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC) is Medical Director Dr Christopher Tibbs.  We have a dedicated infection prevention and control multi-disciplinary  team of nurses, doctors and pharmacists.

Tackling infection forms part of all job descriptions and appraisals and all staff have their part to play to helping us to reduce our rates of infection.

Regular reports are provided to the Trust board of directors and all cases of MRSA bacteraemia and hospital apportioned C difficile cases are investigated to ensure that the cause of the infection is known and, when appropriate, lessons are learnt.

If you have any concerns you wish to discuss about infection prevention and control please contact  the Ward Sister, Charge Nurse or Matron. The ward staff can also contact the Infection Prevention & Control Team on your behalf.

Role of Infection Prevention & Control Team

The Team not only aim to provide day to day advice for health care staff on matters relating to infection

prevention and control, but also place great emphasis on education and  the provision of policies and procedures which aim to prevent the spread of infection within the hospital.

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MRSA bacteraemia reduction (graph)

Monthly MRSA bacteraemia count

Clostridium difficile infections reduction (graph)

Monthly count of Clostridium difficile cases

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