What happens when you come to the Breast Clinic?

All Breast clinics are held in Castle Outpatients, level H, accessed by stairs and lifts opposite the Radiology department on Level B (from the main entrance, continue past main reception and turn first right).

Please make your way to Castle Outpatients and book in at one of the kiosks so that we know you have arrived, if you need help please ask one of the nursing staff. Take a seat and we will call you as soon as possible.

Everyone will be seen by one of the specialists in the breast team. They will talk to you about your symptoms and examine your breasts.  Depending on your age you may be asked to have a mammogram (breast X- ray). These are usually done on ladies over 40 years, or men over 18 years, unless you have had one in the last 6 months. An ultrasound (sound-wave) scan may also be done, either in the clinic or in the X-ray department. An ultrasound is completely painless, and may give us more information about your symptoms.

In some cases the specialist may take a small sample (biopsy) from the area of concern in your breast. The procedure will be fully explained to you. The sample will be sent to the laboratory for examination.

Some of the doctors are male; if you would prefer to see a female doctor, please ask one of the clinic nurses if it is possible. If you wish to have a chaperone present when you are examined, please ask for one.


 How will I get my results?

We may be able to tell you the results of your mammogram or ultrasound on the day of your appointment, if not, we will let you know when they are likely to be available.

We will tell you when the result of any biopsy is likely to be available and we will arrange to see you or speak to you to explain these results.


How long will my appointment take? 

Your appointment in the breast clinic may take 2-3 hours.  Please make arrangements for school children to be collected.  Please try not to bring young children with you to your appointment. If you have difficulties in arranging childcare please contact the Breast Care Nurses for advice.

Whilst you are waiting refreshments and public telephones are available. We aim to see you on time, but sometimes the clinics become delayed, we apologise if you are kept waiting.

You will need change for the car park ticket machines and for refreshments

May I bring someone with me? 

You may like to bring a partner or friend for company and support, they are most welcome. You (or your partner/friend) are welcome to make a record of what is discussed at your appointment.  Please bring a note pad and pen with you, or ask one of the nurses in clinic to help.

Can I get help with travel and parking costs? 

If you receive benefits (e.g. income support, working tax credits and others) you may be entitled to a refund of your travel costs to and from the hospital. You will need proof of benefit and your appointment letter with you to claim on the day you come. Please ask Breast Care Nurses for advice.

Who can I ask for help or advice in the clinic? 

Specialist Breast Care Nurses are available at the clinics. They are available to offer information, advice and support if you need it.

They would also be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have before you come to the clinic, please do not hesitate to contact them on 01483 406624.

If you wish to cancel or change your appointment please contact the appointment centre

Tel: 01483 464002

Opening hours: 08.00 – 20.30 Monday to Friday
09.00 – 12.30 on Saturday

For further information or advice, contact the Breast Care Nurses

Tel: 01483 406624

Opening hours: 09.00 – 5.00 Monday to Friday

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