PIP Breast Implants

The Breast Surgery team at the Royal Surrey wishes to clarify the situation for our patients regarding PIP implants.

We understand that a lot of women with implants will be anxious about the implications for their health. We would like to reassure them that none of the women who have been treated here at the Royal Surrey have PIP implants, as the team has never used them.

Women who are concerned about their implants should contact their private provider or their original NHS surgeon in the first instance, who can advise them which make of implant they have. Only a few women will have PIP implants and so the majority can be reassured by this information. The private providers may offer consultations and further surgery if necessary.

The Breast Surgery Unit at the Royal Surrey is happy to advise any woman who has concerns about her implants whether inserted on the NHS or privately. If you wish to be seen here please see your GP to arrange a referral. We endeavour to see all referrals relating to a breast problem as soon as possible.

All women can then see a surgeon who can discuss the surgical options available to them within the NHS according to the latest Department of Health guidelines.

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