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1.     Activity boxes

Activity box

In May 2015 The Forget-me-not Fund distributed 25 large blue activity boxes across the hospital. These contained a variety of activities, games and reminiscence cards which are being used with patients during their stay. The resources within the activity boxes are used by ward / department staff and also our activity volunteers (based on Ewhurst ward, Hindhead ward and Eashing ward) and have proved to be very popular across the hospital with the patients.


2.     Music in hospitals

dementia music_2In December 2015 a Saxophone quartet called The City Bells came and played a selection of Christmas songs to the patients staying on Ewhurst Ward and the Older Person Unit (Eashing and Hindhead Wards). This was very well received by the patients and staff alike.

Sreeja Sukumaran, Hindhead ward manager, said: “The music definitely lifted patient’s spirits and put a spring in their step.”

At one point a few patients were moving their chairs and following the musicians so that they could continue listening to them as they moved around the wards.

Comments received from the patients included “wonderful music” and “Brilliant idea.”

Marks and Spencer also kindly donated a variety of delicious biscuits, so that the patients could enjoy a drink and a biscuit whilst listening to the music. These were gratefully received and disappeared very quickly.

The charity Music in Hospital aims to create joy through providing interactive live music and has established links with a variety of musicians.

Money donated to the Trust’s fund will enable us to utilise the Music in Hospital charity and  bring musicians in to come and play to patients on a regular basis.

3.     Reminiscence memorabilia

During 2015 a variety of items were kindly donated to our wards, including a record player, a selection of records and reminiscence memorabilia.

These items have made a huge difference to improving the patients experience during their stay in hospital.

Arlene Galvo ward manager of Eashing Ward said: “The patients love the music and having a record player is wonderful.”

4.     Twiddle Muffs and fidget blankets

dementia blanketsThe Royal Surrey is encouraging staff and local communities to get involved with helping to improve patients experience whilst in hospital by making or knitting fidget blankets / twiddle muffs.

Fidget blankets / twiddle muffs are made of a variety of fabrics or wool and have bits and bobs attached (for example buttons, zips, pockets). They are used to not only provide comfort and reassurance but can be used to provide simple stimulation for restless hands. The twiddle muffs and Fiddle blankets are proven to be useful and provide reassurance to patients living with dementia



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