CT scans

Where is CT?

CT is located in the Radiology Department on Level B.

What is CT

CT stands for Computerised Tomography and a CT scanner takes x-rays of different angles of the body and as a result very detailed 3-D images can be created.

Patients lie on a flat table and glide through a machine which is likened to a polo mint or doughnut.  You may or may not be given an injection of x-ray dye depending on the nature of your scan.

How long will the scan take?

Most scans on average take up to 10-15 minutes.

Do I need to prepare for the scan?

You may be asked to drink three cups of water an hour before your scan, this helps outline the bowel. You may be given an injection of x-ray dye in your arm, to help show up the blood vessels.

How will I receive the result?

Your results will be sent to the clinician who referred you for the scan.

Procedures Performed

We perform a wide variety of examinations, including Cardiac Angiography and Virtual Colonography (Pneumocolon) to name just a few. Our new state of the art 64 slice scanner enables us to take detailed images of any part of the body.

Cardiac, 3D, 3D Foot

Contact Information


Please contact us before your scan if you are diabetic, pregnant or allergic to Iodine

Tel Direct Line 01483 464151
Tel 01483 571122 ext 4414

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