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The Spiritual Care Team at the Royal Surrey is here to provide spiritual, religious, pastoral and emotional care to all who request it; that is to all patients, relatives, carers, visitors and staff members at the hospital.

Spiritual care means caring for the whole person to bring about healing and wellbeing alongside medical care.  We provide support to help patients and their families make sense of what life is bringing to them now.  We believe that human beings who receive the right kind of support can handle most things. To benefit from chaplaincy support no-one has to be religious, nor are we here to convert you.  We have no bias against any gender or form of sexuality.  We believe that all are spiritual in the sense of having a universal ‘human spirit’, which some express through faith and religion and others do not.  Our families and friends, the outdoors, our interests and hobbies may also sustain us and health related problems can impact any area of our life.  Chaplains are here to listen and perhaps reflect with you on what is happening so that you may find strength to cope with your present situation.

The Chaplains

The hospital is served by a team of chaplains and volunteers from the Church of England, Free Churches and Roman Catholic Church.  We have access to people from other faith groups that we can contact on your behalf.  We visit the wards regularly and one chaplain is always ‘on call’ for emergency visits outside the usual working hours.  You can ask a staff member on your wards to request a chaplain to come and see you.  Our visits will not get in the way of your medical treatments.

Here for your spiritual needs

The Chaplaincy Team has experience with a wide range of human issues that may come up while someone is in hospital.  We are here to support you when and as you want and need support – to listen without judgement, to understand as you work something out and to perhaps hear your deeper questions.  We can help you with grief and loss, to cope with difficult news, with family problems and feelings  of all kinds.  Talking in confidence to an experienced chaplain may be just the help needed at this time.

How to contact the Spiritual Care Service

Anyone can make a request to the Chaplaincy Team:

  • From outside call us direct on 01483 406835 – leaving your name and number
  • From inside the hospital ask a nurse/ward staff to contact Chaplaincy on Extension 4044, giving the patient’s name and ward
  • In an Emergency, ring the Switchboard direct 01483 571122 and ask them to page the Duty Chaplain who will call you back

You can also contact the Chaplains via email as follows:

Reverend Adrian Teare
Lead Chaplain,Church of England

Reverend  Heather Wilson (full time)
Assistant Chaplain, Baptist Church

Reverend Allan Taylor
Chaplain, Methodist Church

Here for your spiritual care needs

At the Royal Surrey there is opportunity for prayer, worship and quiet reflection for people of all faiths.  Our chapel, now known at the ‘Spiritual Care Centre’ is a quiet space where Muslims, Roman Catholics and Church of England/Free Church have weekly services and pray every day.  Those with no particular faith affiliation come here to think, reflect and experience the peace.

Although the lights are sometimes dimmed, the Spiritual Care Centre remains open 24/7.  There is a prayer board next to the entrance and you are welcome to write a name or a prayer at any time of day or night.  Chaplains regularly pray for the people written up there.  An electronic candle stand provides an opportunity for anyone to light a candle (no matches please) in the name of a person or a situation for which prayer or support is needed.

For Christians we offer prayers, Holy Communion, Anointing and both the Sacrament of the Sick and Reconciliation.  We also conduct a bedside Blessing with parents for babies who have died; and Emergency Baptism for babies who are very ill.  A Chaplain can bring understanding and comfort at the saddest of times.

Chaplains will do their best to ensure that religious needs which they cannot meet themselves will be met by others of an appropriate faith – please do not hesitate to ask.  We are happy to come and talk with you about your religious needs.  We know how important meetings like this can be during a time of illness or stress.

Chaplains can provide religious books from the main world religions on request if these will support your stay in hospital – Bible, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita, etc.  Please ask your nurse to contact the chaplain who will bring this to you.

Worship services

Monday: 12.30pm Celtic prayer
Tuesday: 7.30am Christian prayer
  12.30pm Celtic prayer
  4pm Roman Catholic Mass
Wednesday 12.30pm Celtic prayer
Thursday: 7.30am Christian prayer
  12.30-1.00pm Silent reflection (for everyone)
Friday: 10am Holy Communion Church of England/Free Church
  1-2pm Muslim Congregational Prayer

If you would like to attend a service, or visit the Chapel/Spiritual Care Centre, please ask your Ward Staff to contact a chaplain.  As your treatment allows, arrangements can be made to bring you from the ward in a wheelchair if you are unable or unfit to walk.  Arrangements can also be made to have Holy Communion brought to you at your bedside if you are not well enough to attend the Services in the Spiritual Care Centre/Chapel.

The Spiritual Care Centre

The Spiritual Care Centre (St Luke’s Chapel) is located on the ground floor (level B) in the West Wing of the hospital.  It is open 24 hours a day and is a place for prayer, reflection and quiet. Everyone is welcome.

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