These pager-sized devices deliver a continuous flow of insulin via a very thin plastic tube into the tissues just below the skin.

Insulin is delivered continuously throughout the day and night giving pump therapy its other name of CSII (Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion).

Pumps can be used for treating both adults and children with Type 1 diabetes. Although they are not suitable for everyone they can help some people achieve a level of control that was not possible with multiple injection regimes. NICE has produced guidance on when insulin pump therapy should be considered. People with Type 2 diabetes are not eligible for pump therapy.

Insulin pumps are ideal for children where small doses of insulin are needed and in pregnancy when tight blood glucose control is essential.

We have a large pump practice with about 50 patients using pumps.

All members of the team have had pump training and some are particularly experienced in this method of insulin delivery.

To find out more about insulin pumps visit Diabetes UK


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