Audiology Leaflets

The following leaflet is given to patients at the end of their Hearing Assessment appointment, detailing important information.

The following leaflets detail information useful to patient after their fitting appointment, from maintenance and usage of the hearing aids to other services we provide.
(PLEASE NOTE: The “Open Fitting” leaflet applies to those who use a slim tube on their hearing aid, and do not wear an earmould).

The leaflets below consist of information patients may wish to refer to prior to their audiology appointments:

Please see also our Battery Collection Sites for a list of all current sites distributing hearing aid batteries for our patients.


Other Services

Our Audiology Support Services leaflet details Local and National organisations available.

Action on Hearing Loss 

British Tinnitus Association

National Hearing Screening Programme

Meniere’s Disease Society

British Acoustic Neuroma association

Hearing aid users forum

Vestibular Disorders Association

Noise and Health Journal


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