Adult Hearing Clinics and Assessments

If you feel your hearing has worsened and you need your hearing checked, please contact your GP. Your GP can refer you to the Audiology Department should you need a hearing test.

At your hearing assessment appointment:

The audiologist will examine your ears and perform a hearing test, as well as discussing with you any difficulties that you have been experiencing.
Once the testing is finished the Audiologist will explain the results to you.

The outcome will be either that:

  • Your hearing is within normal limits
  • You require an onward referral to an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist
  • You would benefit from a hearing aid
  • You already have a hearing aid and would benefit from a different hearing aid
  • If a hearing aid is considered to be beneficial to you, you will be asked whether you wish to proceed with a hearing aid fitting.

If you wish to proceed:

The hearing aid may be fitted to an earmould or a thin tube with dome, depending on the level of your hearing loss. An ear impression of the ear canal is required for the earmould.

If you do not wish to proceed:

You will be discharged from the clinic. You will need to contact your GP again when you wish to proceed with a hearing aid fitting in the future.

What can I expect from my hearing assessment appointment?

The leaflet below consists of information patients may wish to refer to prior to their hearing assessment:
Hearing Assessment Appointment

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings- What happens?

  • The Digital Hearing Aid fitting will follow a Hearing Assessment.
  • At the start of your appointment the audiologist will check your ears for wax and check the fit of your earmould and hearing aid.
  • At this stage your hearing aid is programmed to your hearing loss. It may be necessary to further fine tune the hearing aid, taking into account the earmould, size and shape of the ear canal.
  • Once all the programming has been done the audiologist will check the sound of the hearing aid with you by talking to you and making some louder sounds. Some further fine-tuning of your aid may also be necessary at this point.
  • Your audiologist will discuss usage and maintenance of your hearing aids with you and offer guidance, if required.

The leaflet below consists of information patients may wish to refer to prior to their hearing aid fitting:
Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

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Additional Information

The following leaflet is given to patients at the end of their Hearing Assessment appointment, detailing important information:

Hearing Assessment Leaflet

The following leaflets detail information useful to patient after their fitting appointment, from maintenance and usage of the hearing aids to other services we provide:

Fitting Leaflet

Open Fitting Leaflet

(PLEASE NOTE: The “Open Fitting” leaflet applies to those who use a slim tube on their hearing aid, and do not wear an earmould).

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