Clinical Directors and Consultant Anaesthetists

Dr Bhavesh Patel (Anaesthesia)

Specialties: Clinical Director Anaesthesia, Head & Neck, Paeds, Regional

Dr Amish Patel (ICU)

Specialties: Clinical Director ICU, RCoA Examiner, FICM tutor, Clinical Governance lead ICM

Clinical Leads and Consultant Anaesthetists

Dr Matthew Berry

Specialties: College Tutor, Paed Anaesthesia lead, Trauma & Orthopedics, Obs, LNC, CPEX

Dr Justin Kirk-Bayley

Specialties: ICU Clinical Lead, JICS editor, SPACER, POCUS, Regional, Professional Director – Therapeutics, EDIC examiner

Consultant Anaesthetists

Dr Nial Quiney

Specialties: HPB, Sepsis, ELPQuiP,

Dr Snjezana Comara

Specialties: Obs, Obs Pre-assessment, Gynae

Dr Girish Dhond

Specialties: Urology, Brachytherapy, Gynae, Gynae-Onc, Appraisal

Dr William Fawcett

Specialties: HPB, Lap colorectal, Acute Pain, Senior Fellow – Uni. Surrey, National Clinical Advisor – ER, ERAS, AAGBI Council

Dr Hamish Griffiths

Specialties:  Appraisal

Dr John G Jenkins

Specialties: Appraisal

Dr Nigel Payne

Specialties: Eyes lead, Urology, Brachytherapy, Max-Facs

Dr Kristen Carter

Specialties: ICU, ACCS & ICU Med undergraduate lead, Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, Appraisal

Dr Paul Saunders

Specialties: Eyes, NAP Coordinator

Dr Michael Scott

Specialties: Sabbatical,  OG, Lap colorectal, ICU, National ER lead

Dr John Stoneham

Specialties: Max-Facs, Lap colorectal

Dr Jane Tilley

Specialties: ICU, Gynae-Onc, RSCH Director Medical Education (DME)

Dr Mike Cararetto

Specialties: KSS Patient Safety Collaborative Clinical Reference Group, Critical Care Rehabilitation & Follow Up, ICU Appraisal, Co-opted member of the Joint Standards Committee for the Faculty of Intensive Care and the Intensive  Care Society, SPACE board,  Medical lead Surrey East Coast Critical Care network, Chair National Medical Leads Group for Critical Care

Dr Matthew Dickinson

Specialties: OG, HPB, Peri-operative Medicine Lead, QuARC

Dr Allister Dow

Specialties: Chronic pain, Appraisal

Dr Catherine James

Specialties: Chronic pain Clinical Lead, Inpatient Pain

Dr Suzi Lomax

Specialties: Trust lead Simulation, Head & Neck, Breast

Dr Visweswar Nataraj

Specialties: Pre-assessment, Audit, Deputy Regional Advisor, RCoA Examiner, Appraisal

Dr Pradeep Prabhu

Specialties: HPB, CPEX lead, Gynae-Onc, Clinical Risk lead, Appraisal

Dr Hersh Saxena

Specialties: Max-Facs, CPEX, Pre-assessment lead, Appraisal

Dr Daniella Tonucci

Specialties: Chronic pain, Appraisal

Dr Mark Way

Specialites: TPD(Higher), Lead Obstetrics, Regional, Breast, Appraisal

Dr Mehrun Zuleika

Specialities: Appraisal, Brachytherapy, OG, Max-Fax, ICU

Dr Ed Walters

Specialities: ICU, ICU Follow up

Dr Ben Creagh-Brown

Specialities: ICU, SPACER lead, Professional Director – Research & Development

Dr Chris Jones

Specialities: Clinical Lead HPB, OG, Lead anaesthetic research, Medical Undergraduate lead, DTC

Dr Wendy King

Specialities: Head & Neck, Airway Lead, Obstetrics, Clinical Risk, Simulation

Dr Piers Johnston

Specialities: Enhanced Recovery, ACSA, LNC, Professional Director – Innovation & Transformation

Prof Lui Forni

Specialities: ICU, Critical care nephrology, visiting Professor Uni. Surrey, ESICM

Dr Rachel Savine

Specialities: ICU, Obstetrics, Medical Education

Dr Leigh Kelliher

Specialities: Lead DSU, OG, Obs, CEPOD, Gynae-Onc

Dr Katie Blightman

Specialities: Obs, Consent, Blood Management, Pre-assessment, Clinical Risk, Trauma Lead, SJR mortality Lead

Dr Michele Bossy

Specialities: ICU, ICU Sim Lead, Regional, EDRA

Dr Sam Huddart

Specialities: OG, NELA trust lead, ELC, CPEX, Gynae-Onc, Pre-assessment, Paramedic lead

Dr Dr Ed Mathers

Specialities: Obs, Head & Neck, OG, Regional, Pre-assessment, Recovery Lead

Dr James Doyle

Specialities: ICU

Please see below to contact any of the Anaesthetic Consultants’ Medical Secretaries.

Tel: 01483 571122 Ext: 6328/4743

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