Tinnitus Learning and Development (TLD) opportunities Audiology Department, RSCH  

Who should apply? TLD opportunity is mainly suitable for NHS audiologists. However, audiologists with equivalent experience to NHS audiologists are also welcome to apply.

Duration: This is a one month training programme.

When will it start?  Your choice of starting date.

What is the cost? There is no fee for TLD.

Do I get paid? Yes, your current employer will continue to pay your salary but we will reimburse them directly for the days you attend the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

What does it involve?  Throughout the period, you will be working closely with our tinnitus team which offers audiologist-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). In addition, at least one day a week you would do clinical observation in Dr. Hashir Aazh’s clinics. He offers therapy focused on tinnitus and/or hyperacusis management for complex patients comprising: paediatric patients, patients with co-morbid psychiatric illness, misophonia, patients with suicidal or self-harm ideations, and patients with severe hyperacusis. Such patients also have ENT and psychiatric support (when appropriate).

What do I do when I am not involved in tinnitus-related work? During the TLD period you will be regularly involved in tinnitus and/or hyperacusis-related activities. However, as for other members of the tinnitus team there will be general audiology tasks to be undertaken too. General audiology tasks will be matched to your current job description in your usual work place (e.g., adult audiology or paediatric audiology).

What are other educational activities? The Royal Surrey County Hospital Audiology department offers 36 educational activities per annum (i.e., journal clubs, case studies, clinical training sessions and seminars). You would be able to take part in such activities. You will also be able to contribute to ongoing research and clinical audits.

How do I apply? Email hashir.aazh@nhs.net

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