– How much of your budget in monetary and percentage terms is allocated to support for Parkinson’s? The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not have a specific allocation of funding or particular staff for patients with Parkinson’s Disease.


– Do you provide speech therapy within your Parkinson’s services? The Trust sees inpatients who have Parkinson’s Disease but these are generally admitted for other reasons (e.g. following elective surgery) and not specifically for their Parkinson’s Disease. The Trust often refers on to community SALT services if it is felt patients would benefit from therapy on an outpatient basis.


– If so, how much of of your budget in monetary and percentage terms was allocated to speech therapy services in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015?  N/A


– How regularly do Parkinson’s patients have access to NHS funded  speech therapy? The Trust will see all those referred as inpatients but has no outpatient service available.


– How many Parkinson’s patients have you treated on average over the past five years? This specific data is not collated by the Trust.


– How many speech therapists do you provide funding for? The Trust has no specific funding for Parkinson’s Disease speech therapy.  Has this number increased or decreased in the past five years? N/A

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