RS107750_PG2_4202-scrThe Trust has been working very closely with NHS Improvement (formerly Monitor) over recent months following an unprecedented deterioration in its financial position. It welcomes today’s announcement that they will be offering further support and assistance through their investigation.

Peter Dunt, Chief Executive, said: “We knew that the fiscal year ending March 2016 was going to be a particularly difficult one forecasting, for the first time, a deficit position for the year end.

“Nationally trusts are facing exceptional demand and pressure on their capacity. At the same time, the shortage of qualified nurses and doctors has led to an increased reliance on expensive agency workers to ensure safe staffing levels across our wards.

“The Trust has also incurred some one-off costs this year, including a substantial increase of £3.5m to its NHS Litigation Authority insurance premium following a change to the way this is calculated.

“We have appointed a Turnaround Director, Steve Leivers, to help us identify and implement steps to return our organisation to a position of financial surplus.

“The Trust is committed to cutting its waiting times and appreciates any guidance NHS Improvement can offer to assist us.

“This is a good hospital, proud of the excellent care and outcomes it achieves and we are working hard to turn around our current financial position and waiting times without compromising patient care.

“We welcome the support and expertise that NHS Improvement can provide and look forward to working even more closely with them over the coming months.”

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