RS107762_PG2_4214-scrRoyal Surrey County Hospital is committed to investing in and improving its car parking facilities for both its patients and visitors.

Unfortunately, this entails significant cost at a time when the NHS and this Trust face financial challenge.

At the same time, the Trust is continuing to receive feedback that our car parks are always very busy and many patients have to arrive unnecessarily early to find a space before their appointment.

This is not acceptable and as a result this year the Trust has invested more than £150,000 in its car parks to increase its overall capacity by 100 spaces.

Work has also been commissioned to further develop the plans to build a multi-storey car park on the site, which it is hoped will provided a long term solution. This facility will cost at least £10million.

Users have also been calling for a cashless payment system and plans are in place to introduce a new £60,000 scheme by Christmas 2016.

In order to advance these much-needed improvements there will be some changes to our visitor/patient fees from October 1st, 2016.

·         Up to 2 hours – £4.00

·         2-3 hours – £4.50

·         3-4 hours – £5.50

·         4-6 hours – £6.50

·         6-24 hours – £9.50

·         Weekly – £20.50

·         Oncology – £4.00 (per day)

·         Oncology Weekly – £15.50

Parking for disabled users will remain free when they display the appropriate blue badge.

Free parking will continue to be available for all users on major public holidays.

On-site parking charges for staff will also be increased once the discussions with Trade Unions have been completed.

The decision to increase the car parking tariffs, taken this month, is only the second increase since April 2014.

Deputy Chief Executive, Alf Turner, said: “I do not like having to increase the car parking charges and in an ideal world we would not have to charge anyone for parking at the hospital.

“Both my colleagues on the Board and I know that this decision will not be a popular one, but it is an unfortunate necessity to cover our car parking project costs.

“We have listened carefully to the views of our patients, visitors and staff and they have been telling us that are current car parking provisions are inadequate and urgent changes need to be made.

“The Trust’s challenging financial position means that it does not have the additional funds to invest in the future of its car parking facilities without making the incredibly difficult decisions to raise its tariffs.”

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