Royal Surrey Stars 2022 Winners

Logo of Royal Surrey Stars Awards Congratulations to our Royal Surrey Stars 2022 winners, who have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to our hospital and patients.

Our 2022 award received around 350 nominations from staff and patients across 16 categories.

Image of Alvina

Alvina Amin, Associate Specialist

Alvina continually goes above and beyond in her care of patients and strives to improve the services we offer. She is extremely accommodating, will always see a patient in need and be on hand to cover the wards, pick up a clinic list and assist secretaries’ queries. She’s a real ‘go to’ person.

Image of Kim

Kim Blackburn, Lymphoedema Physiotherapist

Kim has brought her unique enquiring and innovative approach to the lymphoedema Service and identified a gap in the rehabilitation needs of patients who are receiving post-cancer treatment at the Trust. In the last year, she has set up a clinical Pilates class to help patients affected by lymphodoema. She is now setting up an early intervention clinic for patients at high risk of developing lymphoedema.

Image of the Endoscopy team

Endoscopy Team

This team has worked cohesively to lead a truly impressive recovery of its service. Patients now have rapid access to diagnostics and can progress on to treatment with an efficiency beyond that of other local endoscopy services. The team have been so successful they are now supporting other local trusts to share the learning of their journey.

Image of Helen

Helen Burland, Professional Head of Radiotherapy Services

Helen is a champion for research in our division. Over the last 18 months, the oncology research service has been severely restricted in the number of studies we are able to offer to our patients, limiting their chance to access treatments potentially affecting their disease progression. Helen worked hard to find ways in which the radiotherapy service could open more studies for the benefit of our patients. Without her, many of our patients would not have the treatment choices that they have now.



This team works tirelessly to give excellent patient-focused nursing, emotional and psychological care to our patients 24 hours a day. The emergency list is unpredictable and at times can be difficult to cope with, but this team always maintains a calm and organised approach. There excellent care contributes to helping the flow of patients through the hospital and reducing costs associated with longer inpatient stays.


Maria Hobbs, Senior Sister, Gynaecology Outpatients

Maria is an inspiration to all and well respected throughout the team. She is a source of expert knowledge, proactively engaging staff across all disciplines in developing their knowledge and skill. Maria takes every opportunity to support her colleagues’ development and makes every patient feel like they are the most important person in the hospital.



ICU are described as the ‘most wonderful team I have encountered’ and ‘superheroes’. The author detailed how the team supported their family through a ‘horrendous period’ in early 2021 when a family member was in a coma. They told how the team took time to talk to them every day and made the world of difference to end-of-life visits.


Angela Velayo, Medical Secretary, Ear, Nose and Throat

Angela was praised for her outstanding communication skills and support she provides to patients. Our patients have recognised this person for going the extra mile and working outside of her normal working day to ensure the patient received prompt treatment.


Sophie Turner, HR Project Facilitator

Sophie has demonstrated a remarkable ability to take forward projects and work independently without support, despite being a relatively junior member of the team. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled colleagues who is able to develop strong professional relationships with clinicians, management teams and other stakeholders. Those who work with her have described her as ‘passionate’, ‘outstanding’ and someone who always brings a ‘can-do attitude.’


Matthew Cox, Acute Medicine Registrar, EAU

Matthew is highly regarded and appreciated by our junior doctors for all that he does to support and represent this important group of colleagues. He has volunteered as a wellbeing champion for them, supporting on an individual and group level, and has used his excellent diplomacy skills to champion their cause to senior colleagues.


Vicki Mumford, Divisional Head of Nursing, Oncology

Vicki has been described as “One of the best leaders I have ever worked with”. She is a physical reassuring presence in Oncology, supporting colleagues wellbeing and creating excellent lines of communication throughout the team. Vicki is well respected for her expertise and is always considered to be one step ahead of whatever the future may bring.


Luke Mansfield, Laboratory Assistant

Luke has been nominated for his inspirational work ethic and brilliant team spirit. He has been described as a “Joy” to work with – a colleague who strives to be better every day. His teammates feel certain that this young man has a bright future ahead of him in pathology.


Zoe Briscoe, HPB Dietitian

Zoe worked hard to set up a dietitian-led follow-up service for patients with pancreatitis within a consultant clinic. This has allowed the service to comply with NICE guidelines while freeing up consultant slots for other patients. She’s also developed a referral pathway and standardised clinical documentation so that any member of the team can run the clinic.

Information Governance

Information Governance Team

This team helps the whole Trust safeguard patient data. Where problems arise, they are quick to respond and always put the patients’ interests first. This year, they have had an exceptionally high workload while supporting the implementation of our new patient record system. Despite this, they consistently offer outstanding advice and support no matter how big or small the query. The team is vital to our Trust, always professional, helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Emergency Department

Emergency Department

The number of patients seeking our care has risen to new highs and the ED team are the Trust’s gatekeepers. Over the last two months, there’s been around 220 patients using the service each day. Efficiency and speed is of the essence. They have stepped up to unprecedented challenges with courage, compassion and sometimes even good humour.


Mollie Yates, Senior Radiographer

Mollie is extremely knowledgeable and will go out of her way to help staff any way she can – whether it be training team members or standing in as a patient to help them revise for exams. Nothing is too much trouble for Mollie! Her positivity lifts the department. Every single day, Mollie radiates enthusiasm and kindness. She is a shining light and leads by example.

Equality champions

Laden Jama, Audit Lead for Access and Medicine

Laden works tirelessly to raise the profile of the Trust’s Race Equality and Cultural Heritage staff network. Not only does she co-chair the group, she has dedicated her time to bringing colleagues together, organising musical performances, talks, quizzes, food sharing events and so much more.

Sarah Scales, Associate Director of Transformation

Sarah is the co-founder and driving force behind the Women into Leadership Network Group - growing the group into a thriving network of 100 members. She encourages learning and development by organising sessions with interesting speakers from both inside and outside of our Trust and even pens an informative newsletter to keep members up to date.

Lisa Taylor, Clinical Lead for Equipment

Lisa has been affectionately described as a ‘whirlwind’ – as co-chair of the Dawn network she has looked after the health and wellbeing of her members, organising events and finding ways to bring the group to the forefront of colleagues’ attention, all while keeping up with her demanding day job.