Robot_SurgeryRoyal Surrey County Hospital has been named as the UK’s first epicentre for training in robotic surgery.

The Trust has been recognised by Intuitive Surgical for its work in gynaecological oncology.

This will see Royal Surrey host surgeons from across the world to study the specialised techniques under the tutorship of Consultant Surgeons Simon Butler-Manuel, Anil Tailor and Patricia Ellis.

The acknowledgement comes after the Trust invested in two new state-of-the-art da Vinci Si machines at the end of last year.

The new equipment allows the surgical teams to perform complex procedures, with increased precision whilst using a minimal invasive approach.

RS121729_DSC_8140-scr RS121725_DSC_8135-hprAs a result, patients benefit from shorter stays in hospital, faster recovery and less discomfort after surgery.

The robots have proved invaluable to Royal Surrey’s gynaecological oncology department and have proved particularly useful in preserving the fertility of young women affected with cervical cancer.

They have also been used successfully to treat obese patients, who would otherwise be refused for surgery.

Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist Simon Butler-Manuel, said: “We are extremely honoured that our enthusiasm and expertise has been recognised and Royal Surrey has been named as an epicentre of robotics.

“We have been training surgeons informally for over five years on the robots, with doctors choosing to come here from all over the world.

“The new robots have broadened both our practices and teaching ability, as a bit like learning to drive they have a duel control console.

“Six surgeons have already completed fellowships at Royal Surrey, spending between six months and two years at the Trust.RS121296_DSC_7891-hpr

“Royal Surrey has a very good name on the international stage for gynaecological oncology and that means that we can attract the best surgeons from around the globe. This has put Guildford on the international map.”

One woman about to undergo robotic surgery for a hysterectomy was pleased to learn that she would be going home the day after surgery, instead of having to spend several days in hospital.

“When I was first told that I would be having robotic surgery I did ask for reassurance that there would still be a human being behind the controls,” said the patient.

“The team were very good and took the time to explain everything to me.

“It is just amazing that I will be home a day after surgery and will be able to walk up and down the stairs.”



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