Royal Surrey County Hospital has launched a campaign to help patients get up, get dressed and feel their best.

Research has found that just 10 days in bed can lead to 10 years of aging in the muscles of people aged over 80 years.

Staff believe that encouraging patients to get out of their pyjamas and into their everyday clothes will help speed up their recovery and rehabilitation.

Asking patients to wear their own clothes as soon as possible can promote independence and may result in an earlier discharge from hospital.

Other benefits include reducing the risk of infection and medical complications and improved mental well-being.

The campaign launched at Royal Surrey County Hospital on October 4, with a number of the Trust’s senior leaders swapping their normal work clothes for their pyjamas.

Louise Stead, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience, said: “We recognise that nobody wants to spend longer in hospital than is absolutely necessary and it is vital that we do everything we can to get patients ready to return home as soon as possible.

“It used to be the case that when patients arrived at Royal Surrey they would stay in their pyjamas and hospital gowns until they were discharged.

“Our nursing staff will now be encouraging patients, where appropriate, to get up, get dressed and get into their normal routine as soon as possible.

“We are asking patients, their relatives, friends and carers to help us by ensuring their loved one comes into hospital with clothing and footwear, as well as their pyjamas.”

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