RS151904_DSC_3308-scrRoyal Surrey County Hospital today (Wednesday, September 7) launches a major fundraising appeal to create an Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit.

Tragically one in five pregnancies will end in miscarriage and the Trust needs to raise more than half a million pounds to create a dedicated and protected environment for these women.

Each year the Trust sees around 2,000 women experiencing difficulties in early pregnancy, more than 150 of these are for their second or more miscarriage.

Currently, these women are forced to sit alongside other pregnant women in a busy outpatient department, which can add to their distress.

The proposed facility will include its own scan room, which will be manned by consultant gynaecologist and obstetricians who specialise in early pregnancy.

It will also feature two counselling rooms, a clinical examination room, recovery area, and separate waiting area and reception, which is not overlooked.RS151925_DSC_3331-scr

Doctor Karen Morton, the Clinical Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, said: “Very sadly, one in five pregnancies will end in a miscarriage which means that many women come to the Royal Surrey for care in this distressing situation every single year.

“These woman and indeed their partners are often losing a much-longed for baby, and the kindness and timeliness of the care they receive can have lasting effects on their recovery, and ability to move on to happier times.

“Tragically for many women it will not be the first time they have experienced an early pregnancy loss, and in other cases, the situation may be complicated by other more serious problems such as an ectopic pregnancy.”

Lawyer Sarah Ring and her husband Charlie have lost three children at various stages of pregnancy, including one just before 12 weeks.

“A pregnancy loss before 12 weeks is still losing a child,” said the 34-year-old mother.

RS151928_DSC_3334-scr“I loved each of my children from the first time that I saw the line on the pregnancy test stick.

“Having been in the situation repeatedly, I know that if you have lost a child or there is a chance you have miscarried, it is debilitating to be faced with a room full of blissfully happy pregnant women.

“Although the new facility will not change the fact that a mother has lost her baby, it will ensure that these mothers, and the fathers, are treated with the utmost dignity and respect at such a painful point in their lives.”

Sarah was joined by her youngest daughter Gabi to launch the appeal with a poignant balloon release outside the main hospital.

The event, which was supported by Tesco, Guildford, A3 Cars, Guildford, Barnes Group, Guildford, and Costco, Farnborough, also featured live music, gift stalls, a raffle and much more.

To make a donation to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit Appeal visit or call 01483 464146

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