Whywedoresearch_4Royal Surrey County Hospital is reminding patients that it is ‘ok to ask’ about research as part of International Clinical Trials Day.

The event is celebrated around the world on May 20, to commemorate the day that James Lind started the first pioneering probe into scurvy.

Clinical research has changed a lot since Lind’s initial study in 1774 on HMS Salisbury, which involved just 12 men.

Today many of the Trust’s doctors, nurses and patients at Royal Surrey are involved in clinical research.

The Trust has more than 400 research studies open, involving more than 4,000 patients, which are exploring developments in oncology, urology, diabetes, stroke, ophthalmology, rheumatology, ICU and recovery, hepatology and physiotherapy.

Professor Simon Taylor, Director of Research Development and Innovation, said: “Here at The Royal Surrey we have more than 4,000 patients involved in research, but patients may still not know that they can ask their GP, nurse or consultant about the opportunities available.

“Research is a very important part of the NHS and helps us to find answers to unknown questions.

“By participating in research the Trust is able to support the development of new treatments and technologies that enable us to continue to deliver the highest standards of care to our patients.”

The Trust will be running a variety of activities to support International Clinical Trials Day and will be encouraging patients to visit our information stall, where they can talk to research staff and learn more about getting involved.

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