Reasonable Adjustments 

Reasonable adjustment can  be made to support and improve access to health care services at The Royal Surrey County Hospital for people with a Learning Disability.

Some examples of adjustments include:

  • Specified time for appointment
  • Offering extending appointment times
  • Quieter waiting rooms
  • Easy read appointment letters
  • Easy read information regarding health and medical interventions such as the ‘Hospital Communication Book’
  • Health Action Planning
  • Quieter environments on wards such as side rooms
  • Physically accessible
  • Facilities for a carer to be able to stay overnight
  • Pre admission planning such as visiting the ward before
  • Early discharge planning
  • ‘This is me’ Care Passport
  • 1 – 1 support during admission to hospital
  • Access to Learning Disability Liaison Services
  • Flagging on medical records to identify people with a Learning Disability and reasonable adjustments required

To find out more about reasonable adjustments please contact the Learning Disability Liaison Service on: 07717 850308 or via the main switchboard.

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