1. How many a) CT b) MRI scanners does the Trust have? Radiology has 2 diagnostic CT scanners, 1 MRI scanner; Radiotherapy has 3 CT scanners

2. a) How many megavoltage linear accelerators does the Trust have? Radiotherapy has 8 megavoltage linear accelerators

b) How many of these are capable of
i) IMRT – All 8 undertake Static IMRT and 5 undertake rotational IMRT

ii) IGRT? – All 8 undertake Static IGRT and 5 undertake rotational IGRT

c)What proportion of
i) all cancer patients
IMRT – 27% of all patients IGRT – 100% at least Weekly IGRT/22.8% Daily IGRT
ii) prostate cancer patients
IMRT – 69% of all patients IGRT – 100% at least Weekly IGRT/4% Daily IGRT
iii) head and neck cancer patients
IMRT – 76% of all patients IGRT – 100% at least Weekly IGRT/74.6% Daily IGRT

who have radiotherapy are treated with IMRT or IGRT?

3. Please specify the age of each of the above CT/ MRI/ megavoltage machines. Radiology – CT installed in 2007 and 2009, MRI upgraded in 2014

CT1 – 11 yrs
CT2 – 9 yrs
CT3 – 18 months
LA1 7 yrs
LA2 5 yrs
LA3 9 yrs
LA4 8 yrs
LA5 10 yrs
LA6 3 weeks
LA7 18 months
LA8 18 months

4. Do you currently have plans to replace any of the above? If so, when do you plan to replace the above and has this been budgeted for?

Radiology scanners – to be added to the Trust capital replacement plan.
CT1 will be replaced by March 2016.
CT2 is likely to be replaced one year later.
LA5 is being wound down as its replacement LA6 is being ‘ramped up’ – the Trust will return to having 7 linacs by January 2016.
LA3 will be replaced from January 2016 with its replacement in place Sept 2017
LA4 will be replaced from January 2017 with its replacement in place Sept 2018

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