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Mole Valley Public - Joan Howell-Jones

Mole Valley Public - Joan Howell-Jones

I have 40+ years’ experience of working in the NHS in a variety of roles, including ward sister and manager in secondary care, practice nursing, teaching, working in a Primary Care Trust,   and leading a change management project across the primary/secondary divide.

In the early days of Practice nursing I co-authored the Handbook of Practice Nursing and a diploma course in travel health. I did a considerable amount of teaching and lecturing, locally and nationally, primarily in respiratory care and travel health.

As patient and public involvement manager for a Primary Care trust I was responsible for engaging patients and members of the public in the decision making of the trust, ensuring they had a voice and were represented at crucial discussions.

At retirement I was appointed as a trustee for Richmond Carers organisation, and I currently work as a volunteer for our local hospice.

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