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Becoming a Royal Surrey Governor


Governors Elections 2021
Nominations open on Friday 8 January 2021
Further details can be found at:


Eligibility criteria

Please check the eligibility criteria before nominating yourself to stand as a governor.


Terms and Conditions of becoming a Governor

These are set out in annex seven of the Constitution, and cover all the provisions of becoming a governor, and in particular at Clause 7 - Standards of Business Conduct:

7.1 Governors must comply with the Constitution, the NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance, Trust's values, the Trust's code of conduct, Trust's policy on Standards of Business Conduct and the requirements of the Regulatory Framework and any binding guidance issued by Monitor.


The following declarations need to be read and agreed to, and a copy of your signed declarations need to received by the governance team prior to you attending your first meeting:

Monitor Information on the role of a Governor

Monitor:  Your duties:  A brief guide for NHS Foundation Trust Governors

Monitor:  Your Statutory Duties: A reference guidance for NHS Foundation Trust Governors

Monitor:  Director - Governor interaction in the NHS Foundation Trust

Monitor: The NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance

Governors 2021 Meeting Schedule

Governors Meetings January 2021 - March 2021