Pregnancy and breast feeding

Nuclear Medicine while Pregnant and Breast Feeding

A foetus may be more sensitive to radiation than adults so it is essential that you tell the radiographers if you are or think you might be pregnant.

If you are pregnant then the test may be delayed.  However in some cases the risk to your health, and that of your babies, if you do not have the test is far greater than any risk from the radiation. In this case the doctors may go ahead with the scan after discussing all the options with you.

For some of the tests the radioactive material may be secreated in breast milk so it is also essential you tell the staff if you are breast feeding.  You will then be advised on any restrictions that are needed.

All women of child bearing age (15 – 55 years) will be asked by the radiographer if they are pregnant or breast feeding. The question will be asked in private in one of the treatment rooms.

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