C14 Breath Test

What is the breath test for?

The breath test shows whether a bacterium, called Helicobacter pylori, is present in your gut.

Do I need to prepare for the test?

• You must have nothing to eat and drink from midnight before the test.
• If you have been prescribed triple therapy, you must have stopped this 8 weeks prior to the test.
• If you have been prescribed antibiotics for the condition you must have stopped them at least 4 weeks prior to the test.

What is involved in the test?

You will be asked to drink a few mouthfuls of a tasteless liquid. This contains a small amount of radioactivity. About 20 minutes later you will be required to blow through a straw into another liquid. This will take 2-3 minutes.

Meckel’s Scan

What is a Meckels scan?

A Meckels scan helps to locate the site of bleeding within the abdomen.

Is there any special preparation for the scan?

Please do not eat or drink anything from midnight the day before the test.

What happens when I arrive in the department?

Upon your arrival to the department you should let reception know that you are here. You will be given a small injection of a slightly radioactive substance into a vein in your arm. This will be done by a radiographer in one of the treatment rooms.

How long between the injection and the scan?

The images are acquired immediately after the injection is given.

How are the images acquired?

The gamma camera is positioned over your stomach. The camera will not touch you but it will come close to your body. The images will take approximately one hour and you must lie still for this time in order for good images to be taken.

Schilling’s Test

What is a Schilling's Test?

Schilling’s Test is used to check the ability of the body to absorb Vitamin B12, an important nutrient.

Do I need to prepare for the test?

If you are having vitamin B12 injections, please stop them for three days prior to the test.

Please do not eat or drink anything from midnight before the appointment time. You will also need to fast for a further 2 hours after the appointment time.

What does the test involve?

You will be given two small capsules to swallow, followed by a small injection of vitamin B12 into your arm or bottom. There are no side effects from this injection.

You will then be required to collect your urine in a provided container for the following 24 hours and deliver it to the Nuclear Medicine Department.

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