Tilford Ward (Diabetes and Young Adults)

Tilford is a Diabetes and Young Adult ward and is located on level F.

There are 16 beds for patients on Tilford Ward

Tina Hetherington is the Portfolio Head of Nursing
Kirsten Kelly is the Matron
Grace Angeles is the Senior Ward Sister 

Tilford can be reached by telephoning 01483 571122 extension 4197 / 4198
We invite you to visit between the hours of 3pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm 

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Ward feedback

Recieved January 2013
“Our mum was admitted to RSCH on the 20th November and then onto Tilford Ward, she has been there 10wks tomorrow and she goes to a new nursing home tomorrow also.

Mum was admitted in a state of neglect by her care home, she has Parkinsons, dementia and was admiited semi consious, suffering from dehydration, malnutrition and two grade three bed sores, we were told to prepare ourselves for the worst and I must admit we were all very frightend and concerned with everything that had been going on in the press and we preparing to keep a vigilant eye open at all times.  But how wrong we were, the care on Tilford was and has been exemplary, so much much better than the care she should of and did receive at the care home, mum was not an easy patient, she needed turning every two hours because of the bed sores, she was washed and changed  every day, never ever left in her own incontenience like she was before, she was totally immobile and still is, she needed feeding by spoon and offering fluids by straw on a regular basis, let alone trying to get medication into her and all this was carried out with care and attention to detail without any fuss.

The dedication and care of the staff on Tilford ward has enabled our mum to live life a bit longer, which we really appreciate and thank them very much.”

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