Onslow Ward (Oncology and Haematology Inpatient Ward)

Onslow is the Oncology and Haematology Inpatient wWrd and is located on level F

For more about cancer care and services at the Royal Surrey please see our St Luke’s Cancer Centre pages.

Carole Burrows and Karolina Kliczbor are the Senior Ward Sisters

 Onslow can be reached by telephoning 01483 571122, extension 6858

We invite you to visit between the hours of 3pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm


What Onslow ward patients said:

“All the staff are helpful and friendly”

“The work here is excellent and the period I stayed has been second to none.”

“Very caring staff; close unit.”

“Cheerful staff.”

“Nursing staff have been the best.”

“It’s been perfect.”

“Staff are very flexible with my visitors”

“I have no worries about the care I will receive on Onslow”

“Privacy is maintained”

“Loved being in a room on my own and feel my privacy and dignity have been maintained”

“I think the staff work hard and I appreciate what they do and I couldn’t ask for anything more!”


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